06.30 am, We go to pick them up from the hotel, we are moving away from the city of La Paz about 2 hrs ½. towards the Andean mountain range, the elevation in the camp is approximately 4400 masl and we ascend until we reach the 4700 masl of the Chiarkhota lagoon, where our camp is located, in this place we rest, one and camped, optional march to the Condor glacier, in this place we will enjoy an exquisite lunch and a delicious dinner.

DAY 2 

Tuni Condoriri

In the morning the next day, after breakfast we will start the new direction of the trip, a great adventure ascending until we reach the peak, approximately 4 hours of walking. A climb, with some breaks on the road, enjoying the amazing view of such a beautiful place, we continue climbing until we reach the top of the peak Austria is 5300 masl.

A rest at the top to be able to take amazing photos, then we will begin to walk in decline for 2 hrs.

Our vehicle will wait to take us back to La Paz 2 hrs.




You will visit the most important archaeological sites beginning in Tiwanaku following our route to the sacred lake Isla del Sol. The tour will take place through pre-Hispanic trails that cross the mountain range.

The tour lasts 15 days on trails with pleasant views. You must be prepared for all conditions: Summer climbs in different seasons. On the way we will be passing the Andean lakes, crossing through the Inca trails or paths and observe the llamas and alpacas the majestic condors that fly in these skies. On clear nights, you can see the Milky Way and the southern constellations with amazing clarity. It is advisable to be in the good form for the hike.

Day 1

 La Paz-Tiwanaku-Copacabana

We will have an early departure time to visit Tiwanacu, considered to be the most important civilization that developed during the pre-Columbian period, while visiting the most representative archaeological sites, such as the Akhapana pyramid, the semi-subterranean temple adorned with the transferred limestone sculpts the head of a human, as well as the local museums. In the afternoon we travel to the town of Copacabana where we spend the night. The hotel accommodation 2 * (regional)

Day 2 

Copacabana- Sun Island

After breakfast we will take the boat to the mystical Isla del Sol. The approximate trip is 90 minutes. On the Island, we will start with a visit to the Pilkokainca Ruins. In the afternoon we will have a new adventure through the sacred lake we will travel for five hours along the island, until we reach the ruins of Chicana.

Finished this section we went to the lodging ..

Day 3

Sun Island- Sorata

The mystical and magical Isla del Sol used as a temple that embraced the virgins of the sun god, and the Chincana gate to other roads after this beautiful visit, we will spend approximately 3 hours on the ship before arriving at the port where our cook is waiting In order to feed ourselves with a delicious meal, after lunch we went on a journey to the village of Sorata ..

Day 4 


We are ascending in our way of beautiful mountain landscapes for three hours so that we reach a small town called Ancoma. In the path of the road it is possible to observe plantations, lagoons and birds, distinata flora and fauna. On this site we will spend our first night of the Camp.

Day 5 


This day we will have a slow walk, we will begin our journey through the old gold road, the snow capped mountains and we will see the natives working in these remote areas used by ancient cultures, we will enjoy the view of the mountain .Janco Huma one of the most imposing mountains of this most popular place in this area. In the afternoon we start hiking in order to find the town of Cocoyo and reach our campsite.

Day 6 


This day we will observe the Chearoco Mountain, and the beautiful Chajolpaya Valley, located on a large plateau divided by a tortuous river. We will reach the hill of Sarani that passes the 4600 masl and in the afternoon our camp will be prepared in the splendid nature of Chajolpaya valley.

Day 7 Chajolpaya-Negruni

We continue our adventure on a path and we need to continue walking and go up to reach the Negruni approaching for a good view of the glaciers, after the pass, a 4960 masl after this we descend to 4240 masl, where we will rest in our camp.

Day 8 


We make a slow descent to the valley of Palca where there are several small plateaus, in the afternoon we take a walk along the Chiquini River with a mean altitude of 4000 masl and we start a gentle hiking to the hill, then camping at 4220 masl.

Day 9 

Lloco Lloconi- Janco Lacaya

This day begins a harder route, we will have to communicate two steps of the mountains, while we walk the skirts of the mountain until we reach 4800 masl from there the views are extraordinary, in the afternoon we arrive at a large grassy plateau, our next site of camp are in the 4620 masl.

Day 10 

Janqu Lacaya-Quta Thiya

One more day of crossing, the next valley where we will see many torrents of water, the tha descend forming small lagoons that will pour their waters finally to the Quata Thiya Lago continuously. In the afternoon we will arrive at the bottom of a valley protected by the granite crests and we will camp at 4350 masl, we will have spent 7 hours traveling.

Day 11 

Rest day

This will be a day of rest a vehicle awaits us, to give us fresh products brought from the city of La Paz.

Day 12 

Quta Thiya-Ajuani

After a restful day and with renewed energies we started the trekking to the pass, and we started descending until we got to a pretty area where we have some pristine lakes around 4450 masl. Then we ascend diagonally east of Lake Sura Khota to reach 4800 masl. In the afternoon we arrive at Ajwani Lake, the time we will have traveled is 4 hours.

Day 13 

Ajwani-Lago Juricota

On this day we will have a walk of 5 hours approx. we will cross two steps the first one (4900 masl) and the second one (5030 masl), to descend to our camp located in the lagoon Juricota.

Day 14 

Juricota - Laguna Chiarakhota

This day is exciting we will see the impressive snow-covered summit the Condoriri colossus that we will climb to the peak of the peak Austria, then we begin to descend until the base camp of the Tuni Condoriri, the Condoriri lagoon, after 7 hours of long walk we find the ChiarKhota at 4600masl.

Day 15 

Laguna Chiarakhota - La Paz

This is the last day of our beautiful journey, we will have an easy and short day with a descent to Plaza de las Llamas 2 hours walking, where the transport will be waiting to return to the La Paz city. (2 hours by vehicle).



DAY 1 Quta Thiya-AjuanI

7:30 Pick up from the hotel.

After driving for 3 hours we arrived at the Quta Thiya base camp (4400 masl) and started ascending towards the pass (4870 masl) to descend to the valley and ascend again to our first Ajuani camp (4600 masl).

Day 2 Ajwani-Lago Juricota

On this day we will have a walk of 5 hours approx. we will cross two steps the first one (4900 masl) and the second one (5030 masl), to descend to our camp located in the lagoon Juricota.

Day 3 Juricota - Condoriri base camp

After our breakfast we ascend to the peak of Austria, this day we will have scrumbling, trails with slopes and spectacular views of the Condoriri glacier lagoon, the pass is at (5150 masl) and the challenge will be to reach the summit of the peak Austria (5350 masl ).(optional). To then descend to our camp in the Chiarkota lagoon (4700 masl).

Day 4 Chiarkota - Maria LLocko

The day of this day is the longest, 8-9 hours, two steps (5000 masl) and a plain surrounded by high plateau lagoons, from our camp we will have a privileged view of Huayna Potosi.

Day 5 Maria Llocko - La Paz

After a well-deserved rest this day will be a short day 2 1/2 hours of walking to the meeting point with our vehicle to return to the La Paz  city 2 1/2 hours.

 Huayna Potosi +
 2 Days - 1 Night


Huayna Potosí is considered the most accessible mountain of 6000 masl, the climbing is done by the normal route (not technical), the equipment to be used is:

A safety carabiner, a locking carabiner, a harness, a running iceaxe, ropes, protective helmet, head lamp, gloves, snow boots and crampons.

For the people who took the extension instead of returning to La Paz, we went to the base camp of Huayna Potosi, where after lunch we will make the ascent to the high camp 3 hours, we will spend the night in the refuge of the high field, in the early morning 2 or 3 am we start the ascent to the summit 5-6 hours (1 guide of high mountain for each 2 people), after getting the summit we will have the descent to the base camp 4 hours, then return to the La Paz city.